What We Do

Our team will travel anywhere to help make your day run more smoothly.  We love that we can offer our clients an on-location service or you can come to our downtown loft studio for your services. 

Our Services and Rates


How We Work

Each team member specializes specifically in Makeup Artistry or hairstyling.  We work closely with partners in brows, florals, event design, and photography to complete your look.


We feel that mastering one area of beauty is more effective and find that clients appreciate it.  Our Makeup Artists only do makeup.  Our Hairstylist only does hair.  We are happy to help you find the perfect team to complete your look!



Karin -   oWNER & sENIOR aRTIST

Daniel - Senior makeup aRTIST

Mylinh- Lead makeup Artist

Jess -       Makeup Artist

kristin- Makeup Artist



Daniel Price - Senior Hairstylist

jess bueno - hairstylist


julianna - BRIDAL, BOUDOIR, AND                        PORTRAIT photography

this way, you have the best possible team in all areas.  Together, we create a creative and exciting environment so that you can get the best results for your big day!