Karin Dodge

Senior Makeup artist & Owner

Hello, I'm Karin Dodge.  I am the founder, owner, and Senior Artist for Cleveland Makeup Artistry.  I am also a mother, wife, world traveler, lover of cats, Rupaul’s Drag Race, and music.  I began my makeup career in 2005 and have had countless amazing opportunities.  

At the start of my makeup career, I saw great success quickly in both my career at MAC, and with my freelance career outside of MAC.  I achieved MAC’s highest level of certification and was being sent to work on top models backstage at prestigious fashion shows.  Chicago’s top photographers were hiring me for day long photo shoots with top clients such as Essence of Australia Bridal, Allure Bridal, and Badgley Mischka.  I was traveling with both MAC and in my freelance career regularly.

I came to a turning point in my career where I had to decide whether I was going to pursue a full time freelance career, or grow with MAC.  I decided to take a promotion in Artist Training and Development with MAC, and relocated to Minneapolis in 2011.  The next year, I was promoted again with MAC and relocated to Cleveland. In my role as Regional Trainer, I was in charge of training all MAC Artists in Northeast Ohio and Upstate New York on makeup artistry and communication. 

Some of the highlights of my career have been working high profile fashion shows such as Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger at New York Fashion Week, working with celebrities Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Olympic Ice Skates Dorothy Hamill and Johnny Weir, and traveling to Napa Valley for a shoot with Essence of Australia.  Although it is great working with these respected clients, there is nothing more satisfying than working with real people.  A bride on her wedding day, a young girl learning makeup for the first time, a woman who hasn’t been dressed up in ages – I’m honored and humbled to serve them all. 

I resigned from my position with MAC at the end of 2013 with a dream of completing my education and starting a family with my husband.  I am proud to say I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Entertainment, Media, Management at the end of 2014, and gave birth to my first daughter three weeks later.  While taking a short break to enjoy the early stages of motherhood, a new dream came about for me.  A dream of providing high quality, custom makeup artistry to the people of Cleveland, Ohio.  A dream of using my training background to share my knowledge, and create a team of makeup artists to serve a broader clientele. Thus, Cleveland Makeup Artistry was born.

Cleveland Makeup Artistry is lucky to have an incredible team of Makeup Artists, Assistants, and Partners whose individual talents contribute to our overall success.  We may have different backgrounds and years of experience, but our talent and ability to deliver a flawless end result speaks for itself.  We have all had professional training on Makeup Artistry, and Airbrush Makeup Artistry, and are proud to offer this exclusive service to our clients.  We truly believe that no matter what service you choose with us, we can make you look and feel your absolute best.

I believe that makeup and beauty is for everyone, no matter what your age, race, or gender.  We all can use the power of makeup to help us transform into whatever comforts us the most, and builds confidence from within.  I believe that when you look your best, you feel your best, and you do your best.  And if I can help people do their best, then maybe I am doing a small part in making the world a better place for us all.  


Daniel Price

senior makeup artist & hairstylist

Hey Y’all!! I’m Daniel, and I bring the Southern flair to Cleveland Makeup Artistry. 2018 marks my 18th year in the Beauty Industry and those 18 years have taken me all over!! Let’s get started, shall we?

I was born in the small town of Gilbert, South Carolina. I can remember playing in my Mee Maw’s makeup when I was 4 and that’s about the time she taught me to put Velcro rollers in her hair; I can still remember the smell of her Esteé Lauder loose powder and lipstick to this day. Something in me then knew that I would make a living, dolling people up! Fast forward a few years and I get my first professional makeup job at the age of 15! It was seasonal work, which lead to part time, and then my recognition by the company in their quarterly paper! I was 16 and I was a makeup artist, in my head haha! 

A few years later and 18 applications, I got hired at my dream job MAC. I had just decided to step away from the University of South Carolina at the end of my sophomore year when I got the job and I was beyond thrilled to now be doing what I love. I quickly advanced my skill level and MAC took notice; I received MAC’s highest levels of certification at the time and my freelance career started to blossom. I started doing a lot of Bridal and Pageant work and was being booked consistently. Beauty and glamour makeup was my passion. I loved being able to bring out someone’s inner beauty with makeup! But I knew I wanted to do more than what I could in South Carolina, so on a whim I applied for a transfer position with MAC to NYC. At the age of 22, I moved to NYC!!

NYC brought me so many amazing opportunities both with MAC and in my freelance career. With MAC I became one of the first members of the original Impact Team, the areas top 10 artist who would travel and help out other counters and assist in large events. I worked NYFW while at Bryant Park and Broadway Bares body painting. I left MAC and worked for Juilliard in the Opera Wig and Makeup Department. While working a show it was suggested I go to cosmetology school, so I enrolled! While in cosmetology school, I was busy getting to do so many amazing things with my freelance career. 

While working my first Broadway Bares Doing body painting, the designer of the costumes and I became friends. Did I mention he was on Project Runway?!? Nicolas Putvinski and I became great friends and started to collaborate on some side projects. I love Nic’s style and we always had a blast working together, so one night (after a few bottles of wine) we decided to present a show at NYFW. A DAUNTING task, and we did it! NYFW 2010 was the most incredible experience of my career. I keyed the makeup team, and helped design hair looks with the hair designer for our show. Our spotlight guest, Heidi Klum, “loved” the show and I got some amazing reviews on my avant-garde makeup! That Halloween, I had the pleasure of designing Heidi Klum and Seal’s makeup for their party. After that, my freelance career blossomed even more! I was able to have the opportunity to do my first Television work for a Canadian show, Party Mama’s. Then in 2012, I relocated back to Columbia, South Carolina to be closer to family.

Back in South Carolina, I brought my NYC back with me. I helped inaugurate Columbia’s first Fashion Week and I was the key makeup artist for 40 shows, and led a team of 30+ artist. I enjoyed being able to bring some Big City flair to small town SC and booked numerous photo shoots. I missed doing hair as well so i knew i wanted to change things up a little and focus more on hair. I started working in a hip salon in Columbia and was introduced to an amazing product line from Australia, Kevin Murphy. I was so inspired and quickly built up a clientele. I was also able to rebuild my Bridal and Pageant business. After a few years, I left the salon and opened my own salon studio and was presented with the opportunity to become an educator for Kevin Murphy. I trained stylists throughout the southeast on Kevin Murphy styling and finishing techniques. 

In June 2017, my husband and I moved to Cleveland for him to start medical school at OUHCOM. I am a Gold Key educator for Kevin Murphy for this region now and I work Full-Time at the most amazing salon, Le Beau! I am thrilled to bring all of my knowledge and experience to this area and I look forward to making You, the MOST Beautiful You possible!!


Mylinh Zagorsky 

     lead Makeup artist

My passion for the beauty industry started at an early age and expanded into different areas of the business over the years. I started 20 years ago as a nail technician, learning the art of color and design with polish and airbrush. I continued to fine-tune my craft throughout college, working at a well-known salon and spa while attending Ohio State University studying business. My creative side was calling, so after Ohio State I decided to pursue the skincare side of things. I studied to become an Esthetician and learned the importance of healthy, beautiful skin.  Your skin, after all, is your canvas and brows and makeup are just accessories! 

I moved to downtown Chicago after school to pursue the wonderful world of beauty! It was there that I started working for MAC Cosmetics and the 5-star luxury spa world.  I was able to grow as a makeup artist and be as creative as my vision could stretch, while learning products and faces.  Meanwhile in the luxury spa world, I perfected my techniques as a nail tech and Esthetician working on high-profile clientele.  I expanded my knowledge and worked my way up through management in the spa world.  After 10 wonderful years in Chicago, my time in the city came to an end and Ohio was calling me home! 

I moved back to the place where it all began for me: Cleveland.  Now I’m on a new adventure.  My passion for the ever-growing and always-changing beauty industry has always been a driving force in my life.  Growing up, my mother was a hairstylist with a dream and a drive like no other.  She worked her way up to becoming a successful salon owner and taught me a strong work ethic in the process.  She always taught me that you never settle; you work hard to achieve your dreams, and when you accomplish that dream, you create a new dream and do it again!  So here I am, I’m excited to be a part of Karin’s great new dream with a wonderful team and making beauty shine from inside and out with all the wonderful faces I will meet.  I can showcase my talents and experiences in my long career with all the special moments that people share and experience in their life journey!  I love making people look and feel like the best version of themselves!


Kristen Martin

makeup artist

Hello! My name is Kristin Martin. My interest in Makeup Artistry began way before my career did. I obtained my cosmetology license after graduating from the Brown Aveda Institute. It was at Brown Aveda that I realized I was most passionate about the makeup industry. I constantly found myself drawn to the creativity of makeup and the ability to enhance confidence. I enjoy traveling and attending classes to keep my techniques relevant with current trends. I am very excited to expand my knowledge and continue to be inspired by my Cleveland Makeup Artistry team. 


Jess Bueno


I was born in Cleveland. I traveled throughout the States, and made it back to Cleveland where my hairstyling endeavors began in 2010. My experience comes from
Brown Aveda Institute where I obtained knowledge in the fields of Cosmetology Management. I landed my first job as a freelance artist. I had the opportunity to beautify individuals on projects, shows, runways, and photo shoots. I always knew that I had a passion for hair. I've been inspired by many colleagues, and I'm elated to advance my career even more. I constantly strive to perfect my practice,  My willingness to learn new things characterizes my drive.  I will use the best of my abilities to make you satisfied. My amiable, charismatic, and affable personality will make you feel comfortable. Hope to have the pleasure of working with you!


Elena Torres


Hello! My name is Elena Torres, and I am a senior at Beachwood High School. I have loved makeup for around 7 years and have always wanted to peruse makeup as a career in the future. The main reason I love makeup is because it doesn't completely transform a person, but instead, it showcases their natural beauty. Working at Cleveland Makeup Artistry is an amazing way to meet wonderful people and to learn how much of an art makeup really is. It is such an honor being able to work with a bride on the most important day of her life. Makeup might seem like such a little thing when it comes to the wedding as a whole, but it truly makes the bride feel special. I look forward to meeting many wonderful people, and I am excited to learn many beneficial lessons and tips to help advance my future not only as a makeup artist but as a person as well.