Hope Lodge Cleveland

glam squad Beauty night

Hosted by CLE MUA, Julianna Arendash Photography, Marina Claire Photography, Bridal Hair by K, Work of Heart Beauty, and Makeup Artists Stephanie Walkiewicz and Christine Jurcsisn


October of 2014 was a joyous time in my life.  I was thirty weeks pregnant with my first baby, a few weeks away from finishing my Bachelor's Degree, and married to the world's most loving and supportive husband.  We had traveled to Iowa, where I grew up, to visit my family and friends, and to celebrate the baby on the way.  My mother threw me the most beautiful baby shower and reminded me of the importance of love and family.  The next morning, she sat my husband and I down to deliver the awful news that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Fear took over, and so many horrible things ran through my mind.  The thought of losing my mother was unbearable, but the thought of her having to suffer through treatment was just as bad.  She assured me that she was going to fight this and beat it - no matter what it took.  And that's just what she did!  

My mother made the decision to pursue some of the best care and treatment for Breast Cancer in the country, and made her first appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  The drive to Mayo Clinic was no cup of tea for my mom - over 6 hours of travel by car, and in the winter, where weather and road conditions were unpredictable.  She signed up for 8 weeks of radiation treatment, beginning mid-January so she was able to visit me at the birth of my daughter. 

Her treatment included five consecutive days of radiation for eight consecutive weeks.  That meant, she would need a place to stay in Minnesota.  That place ended up being the Hope Lodge, and we both believe it was a huge contributor to her healing and beating cancer.

The Hope Lodge offers complimentary temporary room and board to cancer patients who are commuting for treatment.  They also offer meals, support, love, and friendship to their guests.  Every night, the Hope Lodge hosts an event in their community room to encourage guests to come out of their rooms and socialize with others.  This helps keep the mind and body busy, and gives the guests something else to focus on other than their illness.  

My mother's favorite event was the Beauty Makeover Night that a few local Mary Kay representatives hosted.  They made my mom look and feel beautiful, and gave her some samples of products.  She had so much fun, and talked about it for weeks afterwards.  I was so grateful and inspired by the women who hosted this event for my mother.  Their efforts were so inspiring to me, that I decided to reach out to my own local Hope Lodge to set up a similar event for their guests.  

The Hope Lodge Cleveland welcomed our idea for a Glam Squad Beauty Night with open arms! Now, every quarter, Cleveland Makeup Artistry and some of our colleagues team up to provide Makeup, Hair and Photography services to the guests of Hope Lodge.  It is our absolute honor and pleasure to show these woman a night of pampering.  We believe that when you look your best, you feel your best, and you do your best.  We hope that our contribution can play a small part in the journey's of the women we touch.

Thank you to all of our beauty partners who join us in hosting our Glam Squad Beauty Night for the guests of Hope Lodge Cleveland!  We couldn't do it without you! 

-Karin dodge, owner & senior artist, cleveland makeup artistry